WE Airsoft are one of the UK’s most loved airsoft brands, supplying high quality products across the country for decades. They’ve recently aimed their sights at redefining gas-powered airsoft rifles, making them more realistic than ever to help professionals in law enforcement and the armed forces train safely. Their vast experience in the industry makes them a go-to for people of all abilities and budgets. For example, WE Airsoft UK manufacture a variety of airsoft pistols, from the 8011 XDM Gas Pistol to the WE G18 Generation 4 Type B Pistol G002B. WE BB Guns are also compatible with a wide variety of attachments and upgrades, including sights, scopes and grip torches. No matter what environment you find yourself in during a skirmish, you’ll always be at the top of your game with a WE BB Gun. Check out our products below.

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