• 20th February 2018

The 5 Best Airsoft Rifles You Can Get Your Hands On

The 5 Best Airsoft Rifles You Can Get Your Hands On

The 5 Best Airsoft Rifles You Can Get Your Hands On 800 450 Just BB Guns

Whether its an AEG or your first spring action airsoft rifle, you obviously want the best you can get for your money. This list contains some of the best airsoft rifles you can currently get for your next skirmish games. Make the difference and upgrade your weapon here!



Taking inspiration from the popular SCAR assault rifles, this CA107M comes in two colours and is one of the most powerful AEGs on the market. This Rapid Assault Carbine is ideal for CQB skirmishes as well as medium flanking. With a 3-position stock and semi to fully automatic firing modes, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with.

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CA079M M4 Carbine URX3 AEG

4. CA079M M4 Carbine URX3 AEG

With full metal construction, protected hand guard and quick-reloading flash mag, this M4 Carbine allows the airsofter to shoot fast and get out of there quicker. Adjustable hop-up with 330FPS means this gun will take at enemies at shorter distances with ease.

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SR4 Mamba E Gen 2

3. SR4 Mamba E Gen 2

A unique rifle with some impressive additions. The SR4 Mamba has a huge range of specs, including a nylon fibre grip, a fibre optic front sight with a good aluminium build. Ranging up to 330 FPS, this rifle can hold it’s own on the field and looks brilliant whilst doing it. With a sturdy front grip, you’re going to be able to keep shots steady even if you’re pinned down by the enemy.

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SR416 16 Gen 3

2. SR416 16 Gen 3

This SR416 is a modified version of the M4 and due to the gun’s popularity, there is a lot that can be done to this weapon. With a 1:1 scale and adjustable tactical rail you can put laser sights, torches or other airsoft accessories on to make this gun your own. Couple that with an adjustable stock and this gun will become an attachment of yourself, perfect for taking out opponents at your next skirmish.

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Recognised around the world, the M4 style of rifle is eponymous with western military and this choice from WE is one of the most popular airsoft rifles currently on the market. This Gen 2 M4 hits a consistent 330fps, perfect for UK skirmishing and has a good metal build, capable of surviving the wear and tear of a heavy weekend of airsoft.

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