• 23rd February 2017

Airsoft Sponsorship for Universities

Airsoft Sponsorship for Universities

Airsoft Sponsorship for Universities 770 430 Just BB Guns

Just BB Guns is very proud to offer our sponsorship program to many university airsoft societies throughout the United Kingdom. Airsoft Societies that are part of the JBBG airsoft sponsorship program receive a number of great benefits at no cost! A number of societies such as Staffordshire Airsoft Society and Leicester Airsoft Society are already enjoying many free benefits

These benefits include:

  • Free products for university airsoft society members such as: BB pellets, batteries, airsoft masks and a number of other accessories.
  • A 10% discount on all JBBG products with your university’s specific online code.
  • Joining a network of other club/societies with JBBG sponsorship.


So if you are the leader or a member of your university’s airsoft society, simply contact the friendly team at Just BB Guns for more information on sponsorship!