• 21st January 2014

New pre-painted option at Just BB Guns

New pre-painted option at Just BB Guns

New pre-painted option at Just BB Guns 770 430 Just BB Guns

Over the past 6 months, we have seen an unprecedented demand for painted high-end Airsoft guns including AEGs from top manufacturers such as ICS, G&G, SRC and Classic Army. These pro-guns are now in demand as a 2 tone alternative.  As a result, Daniel at JBBG has been working hard to get as many top selling Airsoft pro guns and pistols pre-painted in Blue, Green, Red and of course the JBBG Orange.

We believe this demand is because of the amount of new and younger players new joining the Airsoft hobby, and as the industry and hobby grow, players are now beginning to see the difference between a fun BB gun and a pro-Airsoft gun.  As you cannot join UKARA until 18 years of age this makes it impossible for younger Airsoft players to have a pro-black (RIF) Airsoft gun, so a painted 2 tone pro-gun that will last them many years is a great alternative. Also, many keen younger Airsofters have asked if we can paint the gun black or a cool camouflage when they are eligible and have UKARA.  This, of course, is not a problem and we hope to offer many new customer paint designs in the future.

The image is of a G&G XTREME CO2 PISTOL painted in blue, LOVING YOUR WORK DAN!
To see all our pre-painted guns and pistols please search for “painted pro airsoft guns”