• 19th September 2014

New M56 Shotguns, Now In Black!

New M56 Shotguns, Now In Black!

New M56 Shotguns, Now In Black! 770 430 Just BB Guns

At Just BB Guns we are huge fans of airsoft shotguns for many reasons. Perhaps it’s because of the outstanding skirmish potential whilst costing less than the vast majority of electric or gas airsoft guns. The awesome pump action could also have something to do with it. Because of this, we have 4 new black airsoft shotguns in stock. All of these new shotguns are variants of the M56 airsoft shotgun from Double Eagle. The M56 can fire 3 shots a once and maintain its great accuracy thanks to its 3 separate barrel system. The M56 platform has other features that we love on an airsoft shotgun such as a shell magazine, this definitely gives the shotgun a more authentic feel to it. The 4 new variants of the M56 we have in stock are all in black, making them an ideal addition to any airsoft skirmishers arsenal.

The first new variants are the M56A and M56AL. These both feature a rotating tactical stock, the only difference between them is that the M56A has a shorter barrel length than the M56AL. The other two variants are the M56C and the M56DL. These two both have fixed stocks but the M56C is shorter than the M56DL, however, the M56DL is more powerful than all of the other new airsoft shotguns.

Some of these shotguns are also available in orange. To find out more information on these outstanding M56 airsoft shotguns, please visit Just BB Guns.