• 22nd October 2014



WELL MB03 NOW AT JBBG 770 430 Just BB Guns

One of best new additions to our sniper rifle range has to be the MB03 from Well.

The MB03 from Well is styled on the classic M40 sniper rifle. The real M40 sniper rifle is currently used by the United States Marine Corps. At JustBBGuns we offer versions of the MB03 with or without scope and rail mounts. The scope that comes with some of the models is 3-9x40mm, fully metal, feels very solid and is a pleasure to use. All models of the MB03 include a sling, speed loader, barrel cleaning rod and one magazine.

The body of the rifle is made of strong ABS plastic and the barrel is fully metal. This will make the MB03 very durable. The stock of the rifle features a comfortable rubber butt. This makes shooting the MB03 more comfortable. The MB03 the same ergonomic shape that we have come to love from similar styled rifles. The MB03 features a top and bottom mounted rail system making attaching accessories very easy. The MB03 can shoot 0.20g BB pellets at over 450fps. This allows you to use heavier ammo to improve accuracy. We strongly recommend checking the fps limit of your airsoft site before playing with this rifle.

This MB03 sniper rifle from Well provides amazing quality for the price, starting at only £94.99. For more information on the WELL MB03 airsoft sniper rifle, or to see our range of airsoft sniper rifles, please visit JustBBGuns!