Pistol Crazy! – August

Pistol Crazy! – August

This month following a huge delivery of airsoft pistols, here at Just BB Guns we have gone pistol crazy! We have taken delivery of a number of exciting airsoft pistols, all brand new to Just BB Guns UK. A large number of these new airsoft pistols are manufactured by HFC Taiwan (Ho Feng Corp). HFC has gained a reputation for providing high-quality products at incredible prices. Our range is extremely diverse, as we offer many different types of airsoft pistol including spring, gas and co2.

The most popular of the new airsoft pistols from HFC is the HG185 Pro G17 pistol and the HG186 G26 gas airsoft pistol. These airsoft pistols are styled after the extremely popular Glock series, specifically the G17 (HG185) and the G26 (HG186). These pistols are both gas powered and both feature a heavyweight gas blowback system which gives a hard kick with every shot fired. These airsoft pistols are JBBG’s favourites of the new additions from HFC Taiwan.

Another recent addition to the JBBG UK lineup of gas powered airsoft pistols from HFC is the HG131 gas airsoft revolver. The classic 6 shooter revolver style of gas airsoft pistol is a favourite of JBBG UK. The HG131 gas airsoft revolver has some outstanding features for its price range. The HG131 features a heavyweight metal barrel, a cartridge loading system (for the authentic 6 shooter experience) and can shoot .20g BBs at about 280 fps.

Lastly, we have a few more additions to our range of spring airsoft pistols from HFC Taiwan. As usual with its spring airsoft pistols HFC have provided outstanding quality for the price for all of these new airsoft pistols. Our favourite of the new HFC products is the HA116 spring bb pistol. The HA116 has some fantastic features not commonly seen on spring airsoft pistols in this price range such as slide stay, safety and open chamber!

Please check out our new products page to see some of the other HFC airsoft guns that have been added as well as future additions to JBBG UK. We hope you will like the new airsoft products that have been added to the site, stay tuned for more soon!

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