• 18th June 2013

Lots Of NEW Products!

Lots Of NEW Products!

Lots Of NEW Products! 770 430 Just BB Guns

As usual, JustBBGuns has an array of brand new products added to its expanding catalogue. From the very bizarre, but equally quirky and fun, accessories to the essential kit we have it all covered. With airsofting growing in popularity and our fan base growing we intend to keep our customers updated with the very best products at the very best prices. Now you’re probably wondering what our new products are? As always they can be found at Just BB Guns New Products. But we also have a meltdown of the best new items below + links to all relevant Youtube videos (Let us know what you think of our new video format)!

We have a series of fantastic new G&G guns, perfect for any pro skirmish match.

The versatile P90 from G&G is ideal and impressive for any situation. It has a tuneable FPS, powered by the renown gearbox used in the F2000 (series 6), thanks to the uick spring change system. For the first time this bb gun now includes an integrated laser and green dot site, operable from the second you open the box! Youtube review and product tour can be found here. And for a less concise break down on all the jargon, go to the GG P90 AEG product page.