• 9th August 2017

Galaxy Barrett M82A1 Airsoft Sniper

galaxy barrett airsoft sniper

Galaxy Barrett M82A1 Airsoft Sniper

Galaxy Barrett M82A1 Airsoft Sniper 770 430 Just BB Guns

The famous Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle, known better to some as the Barrett 50 Cal, is used by many forces and units all around the world. Now Galaxy has created an awesome 1:1 airsoft replica of the famous Barrett M82A1. The most striking thing about this airsoft sniper rifle is its size, due to its 1:1 scale it is by far the largest airsoft sniper rifle we offer at Just BB Guns UK. Performance is impressive too, 430 feet per second with 0.20g BB pellets and very good accuracy over long range as you would expect with an airsoft rifle like this. The rifle is spring powered so you only have to cock it and shoot without having to worry about batteries or gas usage.

There is only one other widely available replica airsoft rifle, available from manufacturer snow wolf. The snow wolf M82A1 is very impressive, but its recommended retail price is over £400 and must be imported to the UK market. The Galaxy M82A1 airsoft replica comes in at £129.99, less than half the price of the alternative. Take a look at the Galaxy Barrett M82A1 airsoft rifle on Just BB Guns UK now!