• 10th May 2013




Night of the Living Dead: JustBBGuns style

Guys, we have an array of exciting new products arriving sometime soon on JustBBGuns.

Why not indulge in the ultimate apocalyptic fantasy with your arsenal of airsoft guns and/or BB guns. Made with synthetic materials to a worryingly real resemblance: it is marvellously entertaining to witness the shock your victims show when they realise that not only were they beaten, but that they were beaten by a zombie! What could possibly be more fun than that – hey! buy enough and you could even have your very own Nazi Zombie battles. But be warned – wear it in public and you might just might, scare the poor old ladies into a frenzy of attack.

For the technical gibberish: It has full metal mesh eye guards for the most hardcore of players and inside padding for comfort, as well as a five-point head strap. For more information on the ZOMBI- MASK check out the product-specific details on Zombi Masks.

We don’t mean literally ‘flash’: because that would be wrong! But why not add a (literal) spark into your gameplay and scare the pellets out of other people! Rain havoc onto your opponents with these little companions, and let the fireworks of pellets follow. For some truly great fun keep a watch on these Flash-Grenades, as they are a bargain at £3 each. With an impressive bang! to complement them as well as a long and fluorescent glare these truly are great fun and make a wonderful surprise! Enola Gaye flash-grenade.

Coming soon to JustBBGuns is the Enola Gaye white smoke grenade. So you’ve seen the flash grenade (above), so why not add this addition and make your enemies suffer. Unleash with everyone up to ninety seconds of emitting smoke and cease their blindness by catching them unaware. An excellent decoy and tactical product which when used correctly is a saving grace intense scenarios. Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade.

These Enola Gaye MK5 Thunderflashes are fantastic fun and appreciated the addition to any airsoft players kit, and for only £2 they are even better. Not only do they glaringly blind your enemy but they are equally intimidating because of the sheer size of them. At just shy of 20cm’s they have a lot of punch. Enola Gaye MK5 Thunderflash.