HG138 Mini Airsoft Grenade Launcher

This week lots of brand new products from great brands such as WE and HFC have arrived at Just BB Guns UK. One of these fantastic airsoft products is the very unique HG138 gas airsoft “grenade” launcher from HFC. Airsoft grenade launcher attachments for airsoft rifles have always been great but they are not a new sight to see, that is where the HG138 comes in as it is designed to be a pistol attachment! The small size makes it the perfect accessory for your airsoft glock or any other pistol with a under-rail.

Grenade Launcher

This incredible mini airsoft grenade launcher from HFC, shoots 40 rounds of 6mm BBs each time. Simply fill with airsoft gas and use a speed loader for BBs. It has a shooting range of 65ft effective and 98ft maximum. Only use 0.20G 6mm BBs, for airsoft only!

– Made in Aluminum
– Compatible for All Rail System
– Fits on both Pistols and Rifles
– Charge gas before loading the BB bullets
– Pull the trigger to shoot and push the trigger for recharging gas
– Suitable for mounting on any airsoft pistol or guns with rail system
– 40 rounds each shot
– Weight: 182g 

Take a look at the brand new HFC HG138 launcher at Just BB Guns UK!