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March 2020

airsoft weapons

What Are Airsoft Weapons?

Airsoft guns are weapons created for leisure purposes including general target practice and skirmishing. Players choose guns that have either air or spring power and they use pellets as bulle...

December 2018

large delivery of SRC airsoft guns at jbbg

Massive SRC Delivery at JBBG

We at Just BB Guns love SRC! This week we have one of the largest delivery of airsoft guns and accessories ever delivered in one go to our London based shop and warehouse. The following new products f...

February 2018


A new airsoft gun repayment option is now available on all purchases over £350, making those large purchases easier to manage. With a 10% deposit and 0% interest over 12 months, we believe we have a g...

January 2018


Laser targeting systems have been widely used in airsoft for some time. At Just BB Guns we have been removing the free accessory lasers that are included in some of our gun sets. This was due to the l...

December 2017

August 2017

June 2017

Just Airsoft Guns USA Now Live!

Just BB Guns' sister site, Just Airsoft Guns USA is now live! Airsoft fans in the United States can now take advantage of our top selling product range and famously awesome price drops. Just Airsoft G...

March 2017

IWA 2017 – a Just BB Guns review

This year I managed to get away from the office for two days and visit IWA 2017 in Nürnberg. The event has been running for six years now and I was delighted to see more airsoft companies exhibiting t...
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