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October 2019

airsoft brands

A Guide to Airsoft Brands

A Guide To Airsoft Brands Here at Just BB Guns, we are proud to work with some of the very best airsoft, bb gun and skirmish brands. Below you will see a full list of the brands we...

May 2019

scope setup at jbbg

What are the numbers on a Scope?

A question we are asked a lot of the time is - what are the numbers on a scope for? Also, many of you want to know what is the best scope for airsoft or air rifle shooting and is there a difference. H...

February 2019

July 2018

scopes at just bb guns

Choosing a Scope for Airsoft

Scope sights are extremely popular among airgun users as they leverage every little bit of accuracy from a gun. They also forgive a lot of common sighting errors, as seeing the sight and target clearl...

June 2018

mosfit blog

What is an Airsoft MOSFET?

WHAT IS AN AIRSOFT MOSFET AND WHAT DOES IT DO? With the introduction of some new high-end airsoft rifles at Just BB Guns, one question keeps popping up... What is a MOSFET and what does it do...

May 2018


The new sport-line SR4 ST series airsoft guns are now available and set to create a stir across the industry. With 4 new models now in stock, take your pick between the ALPHA, BETA and DELTA M or L. W...


CLEAR CYBERGUN SHOTGUNS Transparent Airsoft BB shotguns are available to anyone aged 18 or over.  Most of this range are manually cocked springers, you'll be able to see the compressed spring and the...


A CLEAR ADVANTAGE WITH CYBERGUN PISTOLS Clear, or if you like, transparent, Airsoft BB Pistols can not only be purchased by anyone aged 18 or over, they also offer a fascinating look at the inner wor...