BB Gun Information


Below you will find a range of questions and answers around BB and Airsoft guns. If you are a beginner, or about to buy your first Airsoft gun, you will be in the know after reading Just BB Guns BB gun information below. We have included a range of questions including, how to clean your gun, definitions of terms used on our site, and laws around the use of BB guns.

If you have any queries about an order or using our website, then please read our FAQ’s or do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

What is an Airsoft BB gun?

Airsoft BB guns are guns intended for general target practice, skirmishing and garden battles (similar to paintball). They have air and spring power, use 6mm plastic BB bullets (small balls) and are totally harmless providing our safety information is observed.

What is a SPIN-UP – HOP UP?

A SPIN-UP – HOP UP is a sophisticated shooting system that offers the same exceptional power and velocity as guns without a SPIN-UP system but with the bonus of up to double the distance and enhanced accuracy. Most of our guns have a SPIN-UP (HOP UP) incorporated in them.

Battery Upgrading – can I upgrade the batteries to get more power?

Never use anything other than the recommended battery type for your Airsoft BB gun.

BB Pellets – can I reuse BB pellets?

You should only use new BB pellets in your gun as reusing pellets will cause your gun to jam as old BB pellets will be distorted in shape

Can I spray paint my BB gun black?

No – do not spray paint your Airsoft BB gun black. What makes your Airsoft BB Gun legal is that the gun is coloured with a set colour, or is see-through.
If you spray your BB gun it will become illegal to own. It will also void (break) any warranty you might have had.

Can I take my BB gun abroad?

You will need to check with the airline you are flying with to find out the legal side of using BB guns in the country to which you are travelling. We cannot offer advice on travelling abroad with BB Guns directly, as we sell them for use in the UK.

Can I use my gun in mud and water?

We advise keeping your BB gun away from substances that can dirty and possibly damage your gun. Maintenance is crucial to get the most out of your BB so keep your gun clean and free from dirt. If your BB gun does get dirty you should make sure you clean it immediately with BB gun lubricant.

Do I need a license to own an Airsoft BB Gun?

You do not need any kind of license to own a two-tone coloured or clear Airsoft BB Gun in the UK. Only Black Airsoft BB Guns require a UKARA License or other information.

How do I set up my Airsoft BB Gun?

Setting up an airsoft BB gun is relatively straightforward. Our best answer is for you to take a look at our video page on this website, as most videos show this very clearly.

Be sure to check the information manual of your BB gun, or the product information online. If you cannot work it out and have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How long should I charge the battery for?

It is important that you never overcharge the gun battery – if the battery overheats, you could cause damage to the battery and create a potential fire hazard!

With regards to charging your gun battery please be sure to follow these steps:

  • Read the charger instructions thoroughly before charging your battery – not all batteries are the same.
  • Not all chargers are the same so make sure you use the proper charger which is intended for your battery type, i.e. if you are charging a 9.6V Nimh battery, be sure your charger can charge 9.6V batteries and Nimh batteries.
  • Use the proper connectors to connect your battery to the charger.
  • Calculate the proper amount of time required to charge a battery by dividing the battery’s milliamp capacity by the chargers charge rate, e.g. it would take a 250 mah rate charger 6 hours to charge a completely drained 1500 mah battery. Every charger is different, so be certain to read your charger’s manual thoroughly before charging your battery.
  • If you are not certain of a battery’s remaining charge and you wish to charge it, place the battery on the charger and check it every 5-10 minutes. If the battery is warm to touch, assume it is fully charged. If it is hot to the touch, remove the battery from the charger immediately.
  • Remember, NiCad batteries must be completely discharged before charging again. Use the appropriate discharger to discharge the battery, or completely drain the battery through normal use before charging again.

How many BB pellets fit in my magazine?

There are a recommended amount of pellets that fit into Do not overfill your magazine or insert anything other than recommended BB pellets.

My BB Gun only fires upside down. Why?

There are three possible reasons for this:

  1. Your magazine might not be pushing the BB pellets up.
  2. You have not wound up the magazine enough.
  3. You have not loaded the magazine in your BB gun with enough BB pellets.

Spring Wind-Up magazine problems

If you have a spring-loaded BB gun magazine, you need to ensure that before using the gun you have filled it up. Otherwise, it may not feed the BBs into the gun.

What are Bulldog BB Pellets?

We are an official distributor for Bulldog BB pellets. Through our own tests, they are simply amazing. Bulldog BB Pellets are not only high-quality and affordable, but they also have a wide range of BB pellets suitable for all of our BB guns.

To find out more about the range of pellets that Bulldog offers, browse our website and reach each product’s information.

What BB pellets should I use?

Do not use low-quality BB pellets that will jam and damage your gun. Only use high quality recommended 6mm BB pellets! We would recommend using Bulldog BB pellets which you can buy from our online shop.

What should the BB pellets weigh?

0.12g are good for lower end spring guns, 0.20g are standard for all good quality guns and any other ammo such as 0.25g and upwards.

What does skirmish mean?

Skirmish is a term used to refer to a battle in Airsoft BB Guns. In a safe controlled environment, between friends, colleagues etc. Think of many people using Airsoft BB Guns, teams against each other – and you have a Skirmish.

Why Am I Not Getting Many Shots From My Gas/CO2 Gun?

When using a gas/CO2 gun on colder days, you will notice that you will not get as many shots as you usually would. The gas/CO2 guns performance is affected by the colder weather. As the days become warmer, you will see an increase in the guns performance.

Why does my electric Airsoft BB gun only works upside-down?

If you have a motorised magazine it will need winding up, also motorised magazines only work correctly when they have lots of BB pellets physically in the magazine. Please do not over wind your magazine as it may seriously damage it long term.

Will I need to clean my gun?

Your gun may need lubricating from time to time, only use high-quality BB gun lubricant which you can buy in our online shop.

What does FPS mean when I see it on this website relating to a BB gun?

FPS is an abbreviation of Feet Per Second. This is used in the same way as MPH – Miles Per Hour. It is a way of measuring the speed in which the BB gun will project the BB bullets when fired.

What does actual FPS mean?

This means we have recorded the FPS of the BB Gun with our chronograph machine, and the Feet Per Second was as shown on the product page. We do not record the actual FPS’s of all of our products.

What magazine fits my gun?

We receive many questions about magazines that fit particular guns. Generally, you can tell if it will fit as the magazine will appear very similar on our screen to the one you have received with your BB gun. Our support team are experts in BB guns and always try to fit the right magazine with the correct BB gun. However they don’t always have the information, so it’s best to always check the magazine section first.