Airsoft Tactical Helmet with Full Face Mask

Airsoft Tactical Helmet with Full Face Mask


Airsoft Tactical Helmet with Full Face Mask


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This Tactical Helmet from WoSports is a Tactical Helmet design with a protection full face mask, used in airsoft games and is available in a selection of colours. This full head gear has in built anti fog system that requires batteries.

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Multi-Function Tactical Airsoft Helmet

This Tactical Helmet from WoSports is a full head Tactical Helmet design with protection mask, perspex goggles and anti fog system, used in airsoft games. The added protection on this Tactical Helmet allows Airsoft players a bolder style of play. For Airsoft use, the helmet is made of polymer making it light weight. This Tactical Helmet provides users protection during all environments in addition to guarding against BB hits at medium to very short indoor CQB range. This is an outstanding airsoft tactical helmet and fits all sizes of heads due to its flexible adjustable mask and fixing steps.

– Complete tactical helmet
– Second set of perspex eye units
– Allen key for adjustments
– Instructional manual


1 – Precision mould manufacturing process
2 – Two sets of head lock systems
3 – Modular design to be disassembled
4 – Head circumference is 52cm-66cm
5 – Comfortable complex EPP liner system
6 – Nearly 200 parts assembled of the helmet
7 – Net weight less than 1kg
8 – Double anti-fog system design for the lens
9 – Material: Polymer Engineering Materials
10 – Requires batteries for anti-fog system


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