During the winter months, spending a lot of time outdoors shooting is not an option. So why not start indoor shooting with one of our Indoor BB Gun Sets, put together to save money and to be as safe as possible for shooting indoors? When shooting indoors you need a lower FPS pistol or gun and a good set of protective shooting glasses or goggles. One of the biggest safety issues when shooting indoors is target misses and BBs that can ricochet everywhere. To help stop this, you should think about what is behind the target – curtains, pillows and other soft items that can take a hit will take the energy out of the BB and stop them from ricocheting. Always make sure you and all spectators are wearing eye protection and don’t forget that low FPS pistols and guns are safer, however they can still damage items around the home. The final thing you need to have in mind when shooting indoors is that BB pellets are a trip and slip hazard when left on a hard floor. BBs on wood, laminate and tiled floors creates a very slippery hazard and a target that catches used BBs is a must- always clean up after shooting to ensure BBs are not left on the floor. Take a look at the following indoor BB guns and airsoft guns in these new sets exclusively from Just BB Guns.